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Create a sustainable team culture through enhanced communication and behavioral understanding. DISC, Motivators, and Emotional Intelligence are each practical, easy-to-apply models with strategies that enhance communication and relationships. Schedule a consultation to discuss the needs and goals of your team.

Business Meeting



  • Individual assessments

  • Identification and understanding each of the DISC styles and behavioral tendencies

  • Understanding of personal styles and how that affects communication and performance

  • Increased adaptability and actionable steps for improvements


  • Conflict management

  • Team building

  • Employee satisfaction and productivity

  • Enhanced customer service

  • Sustainable team culture

Assessment and Coaching

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Free Consultation

A free 30-minute consultation is provided to discuss your business/staff needs and desired outcomes. Carol will work with you to determine the best options, choosing from individual coaching to team workshops to ongoing support.

Want to get started? Schedule a consultation now!

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You don't change the world by trying to change the world, it starts with you.

Assessments are intended to give an individual insight to their behavioral tendencies as well as how they are perceived by others. This information helps individuals and businesses enhance communication and relationships.

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Coaching & Workshops

Depending on the needs and desired outcomes of the business, customizable plans may consist of:

  • Individual Coaching

  • Team Workshops

  • Follow-up 


Frequently Asked Questions

How are assessments taken?

Links will be provided to each individual team member to take the assessment online. Assessments take approximately 20 minutes.

What happens after the assessment?

Assessment results will be provided as a report and sent directly to the individuals via email.  All assessments will be reviewed prior to individual coaching or workshops.


How are workshops conducted?

Workshops are provided in a group setting at a chosen location. Businesses may schedule workshops during or outside of standard business hours. Length of workshops are customizable based on needs and goals.


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What Clients Say

"The relationships among your team members can directly affect the productivity of your business. The information and tools that Carol brings can strengthen the relationships within your company, and will also show up in your customer relations."

Teha Callen, The Gestalt House 


Get started now.

Schedule a 30-minute FREE phone consultation with Carol Throckmorton to determine which modalities (DISC, Motivators, Emotional Intelligence) and coaching package can help you achieve your goals.

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