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Help your child discover their individual strengths and challenges. DISC is a practical, easy-to-apply model with strategies to improve communication and relationships. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your child's needs and goals.


Learning is Fun


Children & Teens will learn...

  • You are perfect as you are

  • There is no such thing as a "good" or "bad" style

  • Everyone has strengths and challenges

  • We are all a combination of the 4 bird types

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Children and teens learn to identify their superpowers

  • Together we discover tips and tools that will help each child learn how they fit in the world

  • Parents will gain a deeper understanding of their child and corresponding behaviors

  • Parents, teachers and coaches discover how to work together for the benefit of each individual child

Assessment and Coaching

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Free Consultation

A free 30-minute consultation is provided to discuss your child's needs and desired outcomes. Carol will work with you to determine the best options for coaching and support following the assessment.

Want to get started? Schedule a consultation now!

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The DISC Kids Assessment helps children 8-18 years old to understand themselves like never before. Utilizing the Eagle, Parrot, Dove and Owl styles, children and teens discover their own individual style, strengths, and challenges. 


The assessment is taken online and the parent or guardian can assist. The follow-up report includes sections for parents, teachers, and coaches.

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Child & Family Coaching

DISC Kids coaching includes interpretation of the assessment, fun facts about each child’s individual bird style, and recommendations for parents, teachers, and coaches.

Additional coaching can provide further education and ongoing support as needed. Family coaching includes the entire family in a group session. Learn how to best teach, guide, and support your child or teen in their relationships and communication.

Strong foundations help support a bright future.

Learn about the four distinct behavior profiles below:




I got this!


Kids with the Eagle Style are confident, determined, and competitive.




We can do it!

Kids with the Parrot style are enthusiastic, smiley, and social.




Let's help each other!

Kids with the Dove style are thoughtful, helping, and caring.




Be smart about it!

Kids with the owl style are precise, analytical, and careful.

Leaf Stem

What Clients Say

My 10 yr old son was failing school and had negative thoughts about his person. When working with Carol, she patiently taught us about how he processes internally and externally.  We immediately saw a switch in his thinking.  Since then no D’s or F’s.  He is now more comfortable in his own skin and has balanced confidence."

Michelle Goodsman


Get started now.

Schedule a 30-minute FREE phone consultation with Carol Throckmorton to learn more about how the DISC Kids system and coaching can help your child!

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