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Are You Weird?!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Someone called me “weird” the other day and it was not in the cute, fun, crazy way either. I must admit that it was hurtful, but it made me stop and think. What does that even mean?

In my definition it meant it was something I did not understand. That was my perspective. So, I looked it up. Webster defines weird as being of strange or extraordinary character; odd or fantastic. I guess I didn’t understand the word. Seems when we don’t understand something our minds have to find a place for it. Often that place is the “weird” category. That is why we search for understanding, to make sense of the weird. My new revelation began to change my perspective on weird.

Perspective vs understanding. Can we change our perspective and our behavior when we seek to understand? Absolutely, but it takes work and want to. How do we do that, by seeking! Seeking to know ourselves then seeking to know others. Understanding that we have different points of view then learning to appreciate those differences.

It seemed weird to me that this person would think of me as weird. I am not weird, I am me! Does that person look at me as being weird because they do not understand my perspective which dictates my behavior? I needed understanding, so I began to search. Now I have a greater knowledge of the word weird, and the next time someone calls me that, I will choose to think of the extraordinary and the fantastic.

Go ahead, call me weird. I’ll take it! I have changed my perspective.


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