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Design or Default, Good or Great

Every computer comes with default settings. These are for everyone but not customized to anyone. They are there to function for the novice as well as the expert. But is that all we want out of this amazing technology?

Most of us customize our computers to meet our specific needs. We install apps and programs best suited for our purposes. Firewall and parental blocks. Malware detections and I D theft security. Quick Books, Pinterest, Facebook, well, you get the picture. Whether it is for business, gaming, or personal use it is customized.

When something goes wrong such as a power outage or virus many times it will defer back to the default settings, then we have to start all over.

As human beings we came into this world with default settings. It is called human nature. But we were designed to be customized. Some of that comes through life, nature vs. nurture, genetics vs. lifestyle. Some of it comes through intention. Figuring out our purpose and what we were created for, then with specific intention leaning into that purpose.

Some were created to be great athletes, but it doesn’t just happen. Abilities are there but they must be cultivated. Some were created to be life changing scientists, but it takes education and training. It takes customization.

We can choose to live in the default setting, but why would you when you were designed with so much potential.


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