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I'm afraid knot!

When you look at a beautiful piece of needlepoint artistry, what do you see? Most of us see an intricate picture that took many hours and much skill to create. What we don't see are the finger pricks, dropped stitches, tangled threads and frustration that occurred along the way. If you look at the back side, the picture looks like a tangled mess of threads and knots that don't look much like anything. If you were asked if you could identify the picture by looking at the back side of that needlepoint most of us would have to say "I'm afraid knot!"

That's the way most of us look at the tapestry or needlepoint of our lives, from the back side.

All we see are the knots and the tangles of colorful threads that seem to make no sense. Because we can't clearly see the beautiful picture, it has little or no value to us. We might even be tempted to throw it away when all we really need to do it turn it over. Then the picture becomes clear and we can begin to appreciate the time and effort it took to create such a treasure. Sometimes it takes another person, looking from the other side to say "Wow. Come over here and see this!". It is all about perspective.

What vantage point are you viewing your life from? Is the picture unclear and tangled? Do you understand the knots are there for a purpose? Without them the picture would unravel. Do you understand that creating that beautiful image will take a great deal of time and effort? It may even draw blood. Do you need someone else to turn that masterpiece over so you can clearly see the real picture?

We all get tangled in the threads and knots of life never really seeing the beauty that is on the other side. Stop for a moment, step around to the front. Change your perspective! If that is something you struggle with, then seek out someone who can help flip that handiwork over. A coach, a mentor, a friend, a Pastor. Reach out. Reach up. Get help.

Just don't be afraid knot!


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